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2023 Spring Water Levels (Update April 11, 2023)

Hello everyone, as we move into spring and with the snow and ice melts there are water levels rising across the country. If you have been watching the news, you have seen the experience outside of Ottawa.

So far in Southern Ontario, dry conditions during and after the Easter Weekend have prevented any serious impact. Specifically around Lake St John we are impacted with what happens north of us and what that melt does to the Black River. As of Friday April 7, 2023 at the Switch Road dam, the Black River is over two feet higher than the level in Lake St John. Images below taken on Friday April 7 with the lake on the left side of the pictures.

Real time water level of the Black River at Hwy 169 can be viewed at with levels dropping as of April 10, 2023 but just minimally.

It will take some time to match the current level of the lake, drop lower, and then reverse to start lowering Lake St John. Best guess is that our level could rise another foot above the April 11 level before that happens. Best guess and thankful that the weather is expected to be dry for the upcoming week

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