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The Lake St John Cottage and Home Owners Association was founded in 1960 by the first group of property owners, who had a shared interest in protecting the future of our lake.


The goal remains the same today


The focus of our Association is on communication with our members, community engagement and government relations, to protect, preserve and enrich our community


We are all the caretakers of this beautiful lake and want to provide a lasting legacy for the future



Our membership base strengthens our community and allows us to have a voice when we represent our interests with various government agencies.


As an Association Member, you will;

  • receive emails about issues of concern and interest relating to our lake and community

  • have access to the members-only section of this website, which includes tailored content and the opportunity for discussion with other members

  • have the opportunity to participate in community events


We are always working towards enhancements for our members!

Contact us with questions, feedback and recommendations.

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